The KRUPS KM9008 Review:

Features and Specifications

  • Programmability for large and small cup sizes; aroma selection for more intense extraction
  • Programmabilityg for weekday and weekend settings
  • Precise Warming Technolog for constant and regulated temperature with countdown timer to let you know the time since brewing completed
  • Removable, stainless steel 12-cup water tank; front facing water window; angeled control; immediate flow stop
  • 3 position adjustable drip tray accommodates for multiple size cups and travel mugs; DuoFilter water filtration system; 1100 watts; 2 year worlwide warranty

Customer Say:

Easy to clean and set up the coffee and it looks nice. ..
Cheryl O.
We actually found it locally in a store and went to look at it to make sure that it seemed like it was well made, etc…
Glorified Rice
I bought this machine because of the option to make smaller amounts of coffee instead of always having to make 12 cups…
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Overall Score

Our Reviews:

The KRUPS KM9008 – An Excellent and Completely Programmable CoffeeMaker written KRUPS creates products in mind for the coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts, and the KRUPS KM9008 Black 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Cup on Request with Precise Warming Technology is a shining example of that passion. It makes coffee exactly the way you like it. We all know that lukewarm coffee is no good at all, so KRUPS have patented and added the Precise Warming Technology to keep your coffee piping hot and of optimal temperature for your consumption. It ensures that even after 3 to 4 hours of last brew, the temperature of the coffee is almost the same as when it was first made. Customize and program it according to your lifestyle or schedule with many settings such as weekend, weekdays, large or small cups. Turn up the aroma setting for a stronger extraction resulting in a more intense flavor. It keeps your kitchen countertop or tabletop clean with its immediate flow stop feature and can accommodate many cup sizes and your favorite mugs.

The KRUPS KM9008 does its job well and makes excellent coffee everytime. What I love most about this product is its built-in versatility on how you like your coffee each morning. I can choose how much amount of coffee is made in every cup, adjust the settings to match my taste and mood for that day, let it do its magic and out comes a perfectly hot coffee with an amazing aroma. The KM9008 also does a good job in keeping my coffee piping hot even when I rush out to do some chores, heading out for a quick run, or getting ready for a day at work.

The taste of coffee degrades over time when it is already brewed, but the Krups KM9008 somehow keeps the coffee’s original taste right after brewing, even after 3 hours have passed. I once had coffee on this machine for about 3 hours and was about to throw it away and make a new one, but surprisingly, the last batch was still as fresh-tasting as ever. The Precise Warming Technology and the stainless carafe coffee holder that Krups have introduced really helps in this case, and the time since the last brew shows up on its tiny screen. Krups did not skimp over production costs in this product and added some nice high-quality materials in order to make a coffeemaker that brews excellent coffee. The stainless steel chamber replaces the plastic ones found in most other products.

I brewed a cup with a “strong” setting and expected it to take longer than the regular setting. To my surprise, it only took about 5 minutes, the same time it took for regular brewed coffee, and it tasted just as great. When I want to relax in the weekends and still have the Krups KM9008 make me a cup, I just program it for “weekend” and I am all set. The 12-cup water tank is big enough to hold water that can be made into coffee and serve a medium-sized group of friends over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

An attractive price point for such a beautiful and excellent coffeemaker, the KRUPS KM9008 will certainly make its way in every home or office, delighting coffee enthusiasts and those who appreciate a good cup of coffee each morning. It just might be the only coffee maker that you will ever need and depend on everyday. It serves excellent cups fast and looks good on any countertop or kitchen.

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